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외국인 교환/방문학생을 위한 유용한 정보


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No. Title Writer Date
21  [Seoul and Yongin] How to apply for the resident card in February, 2023 Admin2022-10-26
22  [Seoul] Off-campus housing Admin2022-10-26
23  [Seoul] On-campus Dormitory Admin2022-07-26
24  [OFF CAMPUS HOUSING] 외부숙소 안내 Admin2022-07-26
25  [Deactivation of MJU EMAIL] [MJU 이메일 사용 중단 안내] Admin2022-07-25
26  [Course for 2022 fall] Courses to learn Korean language Admin2022-07-25
27  [Course for 2022 fall] Courses offered in EnglishAdmin2022-07-25
28  [Dormitory] 2022 Fall Registration (Seoul campus)Admin2022-06-28
29  [Naver Band] NotificationAdmin2022-06-23
30  [Dormitory] Update regarding dormitory applicationAdmin2022-06-21
31  [Dormitory] Maintenance Request Admin2022-03-14
33  [KLEC] 2022 Spring registrationAdmin2022-01-18
34  Explanation of GradesAdmin2022-01-13
35   [Korean National Health Insurance Service] 대한민국 국민건강보험공단 보험 가입 안내 Admin2021-12-15
36  [Naver Band] Invitation for 2022 Spring Exchange studentsAdmin2021-12-14
37  [IMPORTANT NOTICE] StayforU AccommodationAdmin2021-12-13
38  [Registration Card] How to Apply Admin2021-12-10
39  [QR Code] How to get QR code electroic entry logs on a mobile appAdmin2021-12-09
40  [Korean National Health Insurance Service] 대한민국 국민건강보험공단 보험 관련 중요 안내문 Admin2021-12-08
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